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My Dream Reading Space!

If you didn't hear... my hubby and I just bought our dream home, and we will be moving back to Colorado next month! Since I have been so excited about creating a home in our new place, pinning ideas like crazy, and overall just downright excited, I figured I would share some of the things I have been dreaming up lately! I absolutely love to read, and so I wanted to share what my dream reading space would look like! I'm still trying to figure out exactly where this will be, but I'm super thrilled to be sharing with you!

As a book lover and avid reader, I have dreamt of creating this perfect space, forerver! Of course there are little "must-haves" that I absolutely need in this space, like my crystals, a diffuser, my oils of course, snuggly blankets, cozy pillows, and a fantastic rug! Among those things are furniture too, and I've always struggled with deciding between a comfy couch or a little reading nook that is recessed into the wall.

In any case, in my quest for the perfect pieces online, I came across Arhaus! They have a variety of beautiful home decor, and I completely fell head over heels for some of their pieces!

One of the pieces I have really fallen in love with, is the Athens Library in French White. With its vintage silhouettes and artisan-applied finishes, our Athens collection will infuse your space with the ambiance and sophisticated charm of an old English library. It is so beautiful, and it totally reminds me of Disney's Beauty and the Beast when Belle goes to borrow her favorite book again!


When I was browsing around the Arhaus lighting collection, I found so many gorgeous pieces that I really just drooled over. The Vivienne Chandelier totally stole my heart with it's light, playful take on traditional chandelier designs, Vivienne strikes a delicate balance between a rustic iron frame and hand-painted wood beads. Isn't it absolutely breathtaking?


I also really fell in love with the coziness of some of their designs. When I read, I want to feel cozy, and completely immerse myself into the words on the pages. I found so many pieces that would fit perfectly into my dream reading space, and I cannot wait to get to work on that once we are all moved into our new home! Speaking of the new home... you can see a picture of it here!

Do you dream of a perfectly cozy reading space? What are your must haves?

Where in the World?

You may have been wondering where I have been these last few weeks! I have been on a crazy awesome business trip adventure and forging some awesome new pathways for my family! Earlier this year, we packed up and moved from Southern California, all the way up to Aurora, Colorado. I absolutely love it here. Colorado is my home! However, it looks like we will be taking another adventure and heading over to the White Mountains in Arizona! Lakeside to be specific. Colorado lovies, don’t freak out! I will be flying out frequently! We will be moving there before the end of 2017. I will know more specific dates soon! What does this mean, it means more packing up boxes again… more moving, and more minimizing! I wish I had more time to do this!

Let me be 100% raw and honest with you, my heart belongs to Colorado and we will most definitely be coming back very soon! Roots grow where you plant them! However, given the opportunity to retire my husband early… I am jumping at the chance to keep him healthy, happy, and at home with us!

Why retire my husband? There are so many reasons why, so I will start from the beginning. Initially, I opted into the wholesale aspect with the oil company we use, specifically for the incredible oils, and the extremely gratifying ability to share with others, to make their lives even better.

Since then, things have evolved, life has changed, and we have grown so much. I haven’t shared MY personal story with you though, my team friends and family. The reason WHY I share essential oils has truly evolved.

Brien and I don’t really share our hardships, as there are so many things going on in the world, and we are extremely grateful for all that we have. What you probably don’t know, is that Brien has a service connected injury from the Army, that has been plaguing him with pain and major discomfort, making his highly manual labored mechanics job, extremely difficult. Brien has always been our breadwinner. He pushes through. He works hard. He never gives up and continues to give his all, even when his work day makes him want to cry from the pain. This man is the epitome of perserverance, and dedication to his family.

I want to give my husband back the freedom he has fought to give to so many others.

I want to bring him home to be with his son. I want to give him the life he deserves… the life he has earned. Yes, I educate others on the amazing benefits of essential oils. Yes, I share oils with others to help improve their health, well being and quality of life. But I also share essential oils with others because my husband’s quality of life and well being are the most important thing in the world to me. He is my best friend, and the most dedicated and giving man I have ever met.

This is giving us the opportunity, not only to bring him home, but to get him the care that will help his body recover, like regular chiropractic adjustments, yoga, and massage, in addition to the oils and supplements he is already using to support his body.

I cannot wait for the day to share with you all that he no longer has to work anymore, and has finally gotten his freedom back. This day is quickly approaching and you bet your buns I will make a big hooplah of it all. Brien is thrilled to spend quality time with his son, and give him the attention and affection he has longed for.


I want to thank each and every one of you for your support in our oil business. Whether you are a moral support, friend, team member, mentor, customer, family member, or any other variation of awesomeness in our lives, thank you. We could not do the things we do without your genuine love and support. You are the reason we are inspired to live our dreams.

Six Months Later...

This month, we will have lived here in Cozy Colorado for a whopping 6 months already! Can you believe it?! So much has happened, and continues to happen. On top of the amazing new friends in our life, we have really come to simplify and downsize our material possessions, giving us more and more time to focus spending with each other as a family.

Apartment living has really made a positive impact on our lives in so many ways. I love how it immediately gave me the chance to identify stuff that didn’t serve us anymore. It has also given us the opportunity to look around and decide where we want to officially plant our butts. Most recently, we decided to look into building our dream home, and have realized how completely do-able it is. We have a couple different ways we can go with this, so I will keep you posted on that as it progresses (or doesn’t!).

Our new driver licenses came, and they both look great. We just need to register our car and we will be good to go! Did you know there are a bazillion different license plate options out here? For real! They have a plate for everything, the way that Apple has an App for that. We still haven’t figured out which one fits us best.

Lately I have been getting back to what I love, creating! Painting, drawing, and WRITING! Yes! I have been writing again… it must be something about the energy where we are. It’s finally coming back to me. Little things have been inspiring me lately, like looking outside and seeing our little porch garden. I’m so proud of it! Getting my hands dirty and planting food really connected me to myself again.

There is still chaos in our life. Brien has been struggling with a back injury both from the Army and his current job, and we are waiting on a few different doctors to figure out what to do. It’s not something we really want to share a bunch about, only because the story is long, and not very exciting. Plus, we are doing what we can here at home to help with pain management.

My parents came to visit in August and that was incredible. I’m so grateful of the time we got to spend together as a family. So many wonderful memories! Outside of that, Daen really enjoys being in the good outdoors, looking at trees, animals, rocks, and living water (streams, rivers, etc.). It’s really nice to have the Cherry Creek State Park within walking distance, because he has all of those things right at his fingertips. More to come soon, just wanted to share how happy we are in Colorful Colorado!

Unpacking Nightmare

Ok, even so I labeled everything as best as I could (with pinterest tips no doubt) we still had one hell of a time unpacking all of our things. And yes… we still have too much. Honestly, I feel like I could live without pretty much everything we have and I find myself wondering… WHY do I still have this thing?

Recently, I picked up a copy of Marie Kondo’s book, “The life-changing magic of tidying up” and it is a total game changer for me. I know that if I work through this book, and follow her strategy, I will be much closer to where we want to be and to live more comfortably as a family. Unpacking all of this junk just makes me shake my head.

As a mom, I feel awful about this. I don’t want my son to grow up thinking that things are the most important aspect of his life. We do daily affirmations every day when he wakes up, those are the kind of “things” I want for him.

I’ve already put together a bunch of donation bags. Brien found a charity out here that collects donations for veterans and their families. This is awesome, and they actually come to you for pick up. So cool. I will definitely be ringing them again after the first pick up.

Seeing all of these boxes in our beautiful (yet small) apartment makes me dread moving again… can’t we just stay in our humble little corner of the world forever?

Little Joyful Things

Right now, as I’m writing this, I’m indulging in a cup of peach tea and a small slice of angel food cake. (Yes! Even I like to have a treat now and then!) More importantly, I spend time every day, at least 15 minutes doing something to expand my mind, and help me grow as a person.

Today, I am dedicating time to read a book. I tend to read quickly, and this book shouldn’t take long at all. On other days, I like to hibernate in the bathtub. I have this great app called Omvana, and it has a mixer where you can listen to speeches, meditation tracks, and blend it with different background tracks like birds, running water, flute music… it’s really cool. One of my favorite tracks to listen to is “15 things you should give up to be happy”, by Luminita D. Saviuc. I listen to this at least once a week.

Most mornings, I like to spend time in the quiet before everyone wakes up, making myself a nice cup of hot lemon honey water, or a cup of tea. When I drink my hot cup of awesomeness (whatever it may be) I like to look out the window at the rocky mountains, and contemplate how much they have stolen my heart. I never knew that I could fall in love with Colorado so much. I also take this time to put on the special blend of essential oils I made to help support my body’s needs, and I also like to use whichever oil I am drawn to that day for my mood.

Sometimes I squeeze in my workout in the morning, sometimes it fits in better with my afternoon or evening schedule. (This morning I went on a short walk and a quick run). The point is, it’s very important to take care of yourself, and I try to make a habit of it for me.

I share this with you because I want you to know who I am. Yes I’m a mom, and a wife, and I own my own business, but I am also “me”. I like to spend time working on myself so that I can be the best version of me, and share that with you! Doing all of these things make me a better mother, and a better wife to my husband. They make me a better friend, a better leader, and a better writer. Call it selfish, call it self-care, self-love… call it what you want. I like to call it life.

The Colorado Move!

This is our trip from Hemet, CA to Aurora, CO. March 5-7, 2015. You will see us drive through California, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado! We had a beautiful journey and we were so glad to get to our apartment at the end of this 1,027 mile drive! Altogether, it was about a 15 hour drive, but of course we had to make lots of potty stops and eat! I hope you love the video!

This was my first time moving outside of California. I have travelled all over but never lived out of state! I still can't believe that we are here!

Do you want to move somewhere else? Let me know in the comments!

Moving day is almost here!

So we are hoping to hit the ground running on March 5th! Brien has been working in Aurora since February 16th and comes home Friday the 27th. We planned a fun little going away party on March 1st and I’m looking forward to it.

After nearly 2 painstaking weeks of house hunting in a market built for great white sharks, we have decided to take our time in finding a house, and rent a snazzy apartment until then.

In between all the house hunting, face time, packing and phone calls, the stress of trying to find a place we live in such a short period of time just became too much.

Brien is checking out a couple places tomorrow and hopefully we will pin one down so that we can just move right in when we get there!

I’m really excited to finally be out there. It feels great after we have waited so darn long!

Colorado here we Come!

The Move Continues

We listed our home on the market back in October of 2014 and just 11 short days later we had an offer on the table. We came back with 2 counter offers and let the buyer select which one appealed to them best. After some paperwork escrow was set to close on December 8th! Come to find out that their realtor was on vacay and highly difficult to reach, so the house didn’t close until January 2nd! It sold but it really put us quite a ways behind where we were hoping to be.

However, it still put us on track where we wanted to be as far as paying off our debts. We got our net proceeds check and paid everything off. I even sold our Corolla! I loved that little car but there’s no way she’d make it in that Colorado weather! We do have “new debt” but it’s nothing that can’t be paid off quickly. We purchased a new 2015 Subaru Forester and paid for half of it outright. Our monthly payment on it is less than what we were paying on the Corolla, so we will be sending what we had budgeted before (ends up being $30 more than the payment) every month. We also plan to pay the car off in full asap. It’s one of the first big things on our list.

Brien sent an email to Altec again, basically because he loves his job and loves the company. They have been so good to him. Coincidentally when he sent the email a position magically appeared in Aurora again. So naturally he applied. Long story short, he got the transfer! His first official day of work in CO is February 16th! We are both really excited and happy to move forward.

Since this happened so quickly we are kind of pressed to get everything wrapped up here in California. Brien will work out in CO for a week (maybe 2) and then come back so we can finish up and drive out there together.

Currently we are looking for housing. There are some really beautiful homes that have caught our eye. Even if it’s something we buy and don’t love, it’s actually cheaper than renting a tiny apartment for a year to find something we love.

Outside of that, I’m going to plan a party, a farewell/bon voyage shindig of sorts so that we can see everyone before we go. Unfortunately I won’t have time now to meet with EVERYONE individually like I wanted. Hopefully the going away get together will be a success and we will all have a blast!

Since we don’t know how settled we will be, we have postponed and put off some events that we do yearly. It’s not because we don’t want to go, but because we want to make sure we have a level of stability before committing to making multiple trips to California.

I will keep you posted on what’s in store for us next!