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Essential Oils for Intimacy

I have been wanting to write this post FOREVER and I finally took the plunge! Essential Oils can help elevate every corner of your life, including the bedroom! Intimacy however, isn't just about sex. Essential Oils can help us get over our own issues of being too self conscious, and also to create a stronger desire for our partners. Today I am sharing a wealth of recipes with you, and a few different oils I think you will both love!

All Warmed Up

This blend is a sexy and fun way to incorporate your essential oils in the bedroom, and provide a warming and tingly sensation!

  • 1 drop CPTG Cinnamon Essential Oil

  • 1 drop CPTG Geranium Essential Oil

  • 1 drop CPTG Ginger Essential Oil

  • 1 drop CPTG Peppermint Essential Oil

  • 1 drop CPTG Lemongrass Essential Oil

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

  • Empty 5mL glass oil bottle

Add all ingredients to empty bottle. Use as needed and be mindful of sensitive areas. Have fun! You will want to keep this one on your night stand!

Sexy Massage

Use this massage blend with your partner for an invigorating massage that is sure to put a smile on both of your faces!

  • 1 drop CPTG Wild Orange Essential Oil

  • 1 drop CPTG Clary Sage Essential Oil

  • 2 drops CPTG Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

  • 3 drops CPTG Sandalwood Essential Oil

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

Mix oils together in your hand, or on your partner's back,  and dilute as desired with fractionated coconut oil. Enjoy the aroma and for extra sizzle, light some unscented candles for a romantic ambiance!

Let's Get it On: Diffuser Blend

Add the recommended drops of each essential oil listed to your cool mist water diffuser. Enjoy the beautiful aromas and set the mood with some romantic music!

  • 2 drops CPTG Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

  • 2 drops CPTG Lavender Essential Oil

  • 2 drops CPTG Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Sexy tip: Add these oils to a small glass spray bottle and fill up the rest of the way with water for a quick and sexy linen spray. Be sure to shake the bottle before spraying!

Neroli: Nature's Aphrodisiac

Neroli essential oil is derived from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, and bitter orange essential oil comes from the rinds of the fruit through the process of expression. Because doTERRA Neroli Touch is diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil, it is primarily meant to be used topically or aromatically. Neroli is a historically powerful Aphrodisiac, which makes is a wonderful oil to encourage feelings for intimacy.

  • Apply to your pulse points on your wrists, neck, or the side of your forehead to uplift your mood and enjoy the sweet citrusy scent.

  • Roll a small amount onto skin and then add Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Marjoram oils for an aromatic massage experience.

Rose: Cultivate Intimacy

Known for its sweet floral fragrance, doTERRA Rose Touch also provides a myriad of benefits when applied topically. doTERRA Rose Touch combines Fractionated Coconut Oil with Rose essential oil, one of the world’s most precious essential oils, making applications and usage options both affordable and convenient. You will love incorporating Rose into your partnership, as it helps to cultivate feelings of intimacy, connectivity, radiance, and love.

  • Rose’s scent is not only sweet and floral, it also provides emotional benefits and is emotionally uplifting. Throughout the day when your mood needs a lift, apply doTERRA Rose Touch to your heart and pulse points. Self love is part of loving others.

  • Because of Rose’s sweet floral aroma, it is well-known in the perfume industry. For a beautiful and elegant personal fragrance, apply doTERRA Rose Touch to your neck and wrists.

Jasmine: Euphoric Feelings

Known for its warm and floral fragrance, Jasmine also provides a myriad of benefits both aromatically and topically. Because Jasmine has such an uplifting scent, using Jasmine Touch on our pulse points is the perfect way to uplift mood. Emotionally, Jasmine promotes feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence. Jasmine also can help to create feelings of Euphoria, freedom, and feeling personally liberated.

  • Apply on your wrists and neck as a personal fragrance. Jasmine’s aroma is intensely floral, warm, musky, and exotic—the perfect scent for a fun perfume. (Not to mention its scent is also uplifting!)

  • Applying Jasmine in the morning will help provide a positive outlook on the day and leave you feeling uplifted and confident.

Passion: Inspire Creativity

Enriched with a combination of spice and herb essential oils, doTERRA Passion will help inspire creativity and ignite a passion for life when there seems to be little. This blend will fill your senses with renewed joy and feelings of wonder that will have you daring to try new things and will help you find greater delight in the blessings that surround you. So leave your boredom and disinterest behind with a little encouragement from the doTERRA Passion blend and soar to new levels of excitement, creativity, and inspiration.

  • This mixture of oils creates a chemical profile with a high concentration of phenols and ethers, which contribute warming and renewing benefits to the doTERRA Passion blend.

  • If you’re feeling your routine is becoming dull and monotonous, use Passion to make a change. To feel inspired and passionate, apply the Passion blend to your pulse points. With a specific and scientific formula of spice and herb essential oils, doTERRA Passion will help ignite feelings of excitement, passion, and joy.

Don't limit yourself to just these oils! This just scratches the surface, as the world of essential oils is vast, and all of our bodies work differently! Find what works for you and roll with it! (pun intended) I hope your next adventure with essential oils is passionate and vibrant!


The uplifting aroma of Rose is an intriguing mixture of depth and complex sweetness. Before the sun crests the horizon, workers can be found in fields harvesting the delicate bloom of the rosa damascena. Up until now, doTERRA only offered Rose as an incentive oil, never for sale.. but I am so overjoyed to say that we now have this incredible oil available to us in a Touch Roller! Our Rose Essential Oil is sourced from Bulgaria, and is now available permanently in the form of the Touch Roller bottle.

The labor-intensive production process  of Rose has a very low yield; it takes approximately 1,160,000 freshly picked rose petals to produce only one ounce (30 mL) of Rose essential oil, and about 8000 roses or 242,000 petals for 5ml of Rose essential oil. Because the petals are so delicate, the distillation process must happen the same day that the flower is harvested. But, from this labor comes an essential oil known for its sweet oral aroma that’s beautiful and romantic. Rose essential oil helps balance moisture levels in skin, reduces the appearance of skin imperfections, and promotes healthy and even skin tone.

Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

  • Apply Rose morning, noon, and night, to promote healthy brain activity and boost your  immune system naturally
  • Helps balance moisture levels in the skin
  • Use Rose in the morning to promote feelings of energy and vitality.
  • Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections
  • Promotes an even skin tone and healthy complexion
  • Apply directly to skin imperfections twice daily.
  • Emotionally uplifting
  • Promotes feelings of happiness and contentment after childbirth
  • Rose can help you to feel more radiant, connected, and intimate
  • Helps the body to naturally release the desire for pain medication

Rose also has a very unique chemistry with staying power! You will notice, that when you apply Rose on your skin, you will smell it all day long! This makes for a lovely natural perfume, and is one of my absolute favorites! My husband loves it when I wear Rose, as it has that romantic and feminine aroma. You can apply Rose to the face, neck, and décolletage and follow with the doTERRA moisturizer of your choice. I really like using the Anti-Aging Moisturizer!

I am so wonderfully grateful to doTERRA for making this readily available to us! It will be ready to purchase on October 2nd, 2017! Pricing is as such:

Retail: $100.00 Wholesale: $75.00

Are you excited to get Rose Essential Oil into your hands? I know that I only have about 10 drops left in my 5 mL bottle and I am SO ready for more Rose in my life! Comment below and let me know how you plan to use Rose!


Jasmine essential oil provides a myriad of benefits, both aromatically and topically. Its esteemed fragrance can be calming, yet euphoric, instilling a positive outlook. Emotionally, Jasmine promotes feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence, and I am so incredibly stoked that it is now available as a Touch Roller! We were only ever able to earn this precious essential oil, and now it's available for you to use and part of the permanent product line!

Renowned as the “King of Flowers,” Jasmine is prized for its delicate white owers, which emit a highly fragrant aroma for up to 36 hours after being hand-picked. Extracting Jasmine is labor-intensive and must be done at daybreak, when the owers are most fragrant and have the highest percentage of components intact. It takes 21,000 petals of Jasmine to produce one 5ml bottle, which is also equivalent to about 1.5 days of work! Jasmine is known to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and promote healthy- looking, radiant skin. Jasmine may also be beneficial in nourishing and protecting the scalp. Due to the large amount of owers needed to produce a small amount of oil, Jasmine is highly sought after in both the perfume industry and in aromatherapy.

Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil

  • Jasmine helps you to feel liberated and free! This makes for a wonderful oil to support the Heart Chakra!
  • Apply to pulse points to promote a positive outlook throughout the day.
  • Nourishes and protects the skin and scalp
  • Combine with dōTERRA conditioner in the palm of hand, then apply to hair and scalp for added nourishing and moisturizing benefits.
  • Helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels when applied over the pulse points
  • Jasmine helps with relaxation during labor and menstrual cycles, when massaged into the back or inhaled
  • Support the central nervous system by using jasmine
  • Use Jasmine internally (on the roof of the mouth) for a quick mood boostApply on fine lines and wrinkles and decolletage before applying facial moisturizer.
  • Promotes a healthy-looking, glowing complexion
  • Evokes feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence

You are going to be so flipping stoked when you see what an amazing price this roller is! Take a look at the Jasmine Touch pricing!

Retail: $56.00 Wholesale: $42.00

I bet you can't wait to get this into your hands on October 2nd, right? What are you most excited about when it comes to Jasmine essential oil? Let me know!


I have been patiently waiting for Neroli to become part of doTERRA's permanent product line, and this year... my wish came true! I'm so incredibly grateful that we have access to this oil, with history that dates back to Egypt! There's beautiful history of Neroli for fertility support, calming the emotions, aphrodisiac qualities and much more! We now have Neroli from the beautiful flower of the bitter orange oil.

doTERRA wanted to ensure that out Neroli was affordable, so it is offered as a Touch Roller, pre-diluted and ready for topical application with ease. You can apply to Neroli reduce stressful and anxious feelings by applying over the heart, and breathing it in. Neroli also supports healthy intestinal inflammatory response in the body.

What else can Neroli Essential Oil Support?

  • When applied to a wound Neroli can provide expedited support
  • Shown to promote healthy inflammatory response in late stages of pregnancy
  • Apply on the bottoms of the feet and on the ankles, to promote a positive mood, and encourage relaxation.
  • Improves hormone concentrations and encourages feelings of intimacy
  • Helps regulate healthy cell production and supports apoptosis, similar to Frankincense and DDR Prime.
  • Emotionally, Neroli invites you to let go and release

I am so incredibly grateful to have access to a Pure and potent Neroli oil now! There are so many beautiful ways to use this oil! What are you most intrigued about when it comes to Neroli? Let me know in the comments below!


Forgiveness. Maybe it's just me, but I find that this is one of the more difficult things in life, that is given to us to master. When someone deeply hurts us, our first instinct isn't to naturally forgive. What we do with that hurt is so important. Harboring negative feelings, bitterness, grudges, ultimately don't serve anyone. When we do something that we deem unworthy, we find it hardest to forgive ourselves. This is one of the reasons I am so grateful for doTERRA and essential oils. We all struggle with this, be it for a short period of time, or even the course of our lifetime... cultivating forgiveness for others and for ourselves is critical for our own health and well-being.

As one of the six doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy blends, the doTERRA Forgive essential oil blend offers an organic aid for overcoming a negative past and pressing forward into a bright future. Often, the process of overcoming difficult experiences, relationships, or feelings can prove to be a trying task, but living with emotions of hurt, anger, and sadness can also cause a splinter in your overall well-being that can fester with time.

"Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness."

Marianne Williamson

doTERRA Forgive oil is formulated with specific, natural ingredients that, when combined, act as an aid to those seeking to leave their negative or hurt feelings behind to experience the peace and joy that accompanies true forgiveness. When you incorporate the aromatic benefits of doTERRA Forgive into your journey of forgiveness, you’ll find a greater strength to press forward and leave the past in the past.

Below you can see the different essential oils in this emotional aromatherapy blend, and the key benefits of using it. I love that it is available both in a 5mL bottle for diffusing, and a 10mL pre-diluted roller bottle that is perfect for on the go application. This blend promotes feelings of contentment, relief, and patience. If you are striving to feel these grounding emotions in your everyday life, apply doTERRA Forgive oil to your pulse point and heart throughout the day.

The doTERRA Forgive essential oil blend uses a combination of tree and herb essential oils. This mixture of oils produces a diverse chemical profile that has a high concentration of monoterpene esters and alcohols. These chemicals help balance emotions in circumstances of frustration and stress. Additionally, essential oils such as Thyme oil and other tree oils produce the renewing and toning properties of doTERRA Forgive. Due to this scientific combination of oils, the chemical properties of Forgive can assist in dissipating negative emotions while liberating the feelings of forgiveness. To learn more about the scientific backgrounds of doTERRA’s aromatherapy oils, visit the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy page.

You can diffuse when meditation or prayer to counteract negative emotions and apply to pulse points to feel grounded and content. The aroma of this oil is also very soothing, so it complements this quiet time very well. Next time you begin a meditation, add one to two drops of doTERRA Forgive to the diffuser of your choice and diffuse. Because doTERRA Forgive oil can counteract emotions of guilt and anger, diffusing doTERRA Forgive will assist you in releasing these damaging emotions.

I want to challenge you, if you are holding a grudge, to let go of that past hurt. Wear doTERRA Forgive on your wrists to help you find peace of mind. Reach out to someone you have wronged and apologize. If you are seeking the freeing feelings of forgiveness, then the doTERRA Forgive oil blend is a great oil to have on hand throughout the day. Having this essential oil blend nearby will help counteract negative emotions that may arise from undesirable situations. Write down in a journal the things you'd like to forgive yourself for, and make the time to think on these things. Allow yourself, to let go of the guilt and the things that are weighing you down.

“To err is human, to forgive, divine.”

Alexander Pope

52 Dates for Two!

When the weekend hits, we all get excited! Finally, a break from the chaos of the work week, plus date night... right? Alright, raise your hand if you love date night but hate planning date night?

I'm with you. It's hard to find the time to hunt down and plan date nights even when you do carve out time in your busy schedule to actually do the date night. I knew I needed an easy solution so I turned to my favorite choice for help with date night: The Dating Divas, of course. I found this fantastic pack of 52 Dates for Two so now I've got a date for every week of the next year. I seriously scored big time! unspecified-32

All I had to do was print and cut the set of cards and find a permanent home for them in our bedroom and I knew we wouldn't miss date night again—okay, okay there will probably still be just a couple of weeks that get crazy, but I just know this pack is going to make such a huge difference!

Just check out what the 52 Dates for Two pack includes:

  1. 52 Weekly Date Night Cards - A date night idea for each week of the year.
  2. Blank Date Night Cards - Customizable cards to include a few, more personal dates.
  3. 16 Bonus Date Cards - For more weekly date night ideas to choose from.
  4. Steps & Tips for a Photo Album - Create an easy way to track your date night memories.


Christmas is coming up so I'm adding the date night cards to a photo album and giving this as a year of dates to my husband {and to myself}! Once we actually go on the dates, we're really going to try to remember to take pictures so we can add them to the album. I feel like this gift is a win-win, we'll have date ideas for a year and then a photo album of all the memories at the end of it. Want to get your own? It's so simple to grab this pack right now for just $6.97!



I just hope the hubby doesn't hop onto my blog and find out what I'm up to! ;)

Reclaim your Marriage!
It's no secret that marriages are failing all over the world.
My husband and I have had our fair share of ups and downs, and let me tell you, marriage takes hard work! We may not be a "typical" couple either, but I sure know that we have worked super hard to get our marriage where it is today, and it's something that we will continue to work on. When you choose a partner for the rest of your life, the happily ever after doesn't just bippity-boppity-boo appear out of no-where, it has to be cultivated and created.
I feel like so, so many marriages fall between the cracks. They are struggling, but not quite so badly that they need the help of a professional therapist yet. If they continue their habits, divorce is likely. But how to turn it around? With what resources? The internet is helpful, but they need something more - something with exercises they can do together, questions they can ask each other, goals they can set, intimacy ideas they can try, and even date ideas to liven things up.ipad-1
...where is that, though?
My best girlfriends over at The Dating Divas saw a need, too. And they filled it.
I recently came across The Reclaim Your Marriage program from the Dating Divas. I have been nothing short of impressed! This program is broken up into 10 week sessions - 1 session per week. Each session hits on a hot-button topic in marriage, like trust, communication, finances, and intimacy.
This program is essentially private, at-home couples counseling that you can do all online. Each session includes a therapy video from Tara (founder of The Dating Divas), tons of exercises, activities, thought-provoking questions, and ways to solve those tricky "bumps in the road" that plague marriages today. They have come up with a simple, effective solution that couples can do together, in the privacy of their own home.
Here are some of the incredible topics you and your love will cover in the program:
The reviews have been pouring in, and they are impressive! This program has saved dozens of marriages already, and that's only from the beta testing.
If you are truly needing to put an investment into your relationship - try the Reclaim Your Marriage Program!
The first is week is free, so you've got nothing to lose! AND right now they sliced that price tag in half so you will be getting 50% off! Whoo hoo! Grateful to have such great friends providing all of us with great tools!