Avoiding Management Mode

Leadership. Sometimes we have it in our heads that once we reach a certain rank, we can kick back, toss our feet up, and watch. Obviously this is not the case. I would challenge you to take a look at your team and your current business right now. Are you Leading your team and working with them? Or are you letting them carry you?Which looks more like you? No judgements here, but give yourself the beauty of observation. How are you showing up for your team? This can be considered the "management mode" trap, where you think telling everyone the steps is just as good as doing them yourself.

This is not the case. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your doTERRA business is forgetting the ABC's of it all. The basics. What are the basics?

-Invitations to presentations -Presentations (classes & one on ones) -Follow ups (membership & business overviews) -Duplicating your ACTIONS in your team

Note that last one. We can teach about these steps left and right. But ultimately, it is your ACTIONS that you want to duplicate. Think about what a team would look like where all of the leaders were in management mode. Do you think there would be anyone teaching classes on that team? No. Actions are what duplicate. Your budding leaders need to SEE you teaching classes. They need to SEE you doing one on ones. They need to SEE you inviting. The leader that shares their actions with their team, is going to produce more leaders, that share their actions with their teams.

In this business, we can enroll like mad, but if we aren't developing leadership, and practicing our ABC's, nothing will duplicate. Enrolling a ton of people is cool, but if there is no follow up, and no actions for them to duplicate, the results are going to be a huge leg with no LRP or sustainable growth. Does that make sense? I've mentioned it before that I can share corporate events with you, and tell you how awesome they are, but if I don't go to these events myself, how can I expect you to attend? In order to duplicate a desirable action in our team, we need to practice it. Oooh and here's a biggie for you, in order to produce the kinds of leaders we want to work with, we need to BE the kind of leader we want to duplicate. If you want leaders that teach 6 classes a month, then teach 12.

Figure out where you can ramp up your leadership skills by upleveling the basics in your business. We all go through seasons yes, BUT, we are the ones in the drivers seat, and decide how much we are willing to give to our business. I will tell you right now too, that as you grow as a leader, you will start to grow tired of excuses. If you WANT this, you will find a way to hold those classes. You will FIND the people to host for you. You will FIND a way to make it work for you. One of the leaders on this team that inspires me to boot, built the bulk of her business on her phone, as she was without a computer.

If you are a leader that is GIVING excuses, you will produce and duplicate leaders that give excuses as well. It is up to you to decide what kind of leader you want to be, and the kinds of actions and habits you want to duplicate in your team.

Decide how you want to show up in your business. Don't fall into the "management mode" trap, or become a victim to your current circumstances, as this only provides opportunity for other leaders to lose sight of their goals, and forget their ABC's.