Asking Great Questions

If you are building a business with doTERRA, you need to be asking great questions when you are interacting with others. This not only helps you serve people better, but it also gives them the opportunity to discover and learn more about themselves. Today I am going to dive into how we can ask great questions while we mentor leaders on our teams.

Before we dig into the questions that can be helpful to ask your leaders, I encourage you to ask yourself these questions:

  • How often do I make other people feel important?
  • When have I been really present?
  • Am I showing up to serve others?
  • What words am I using when I speak to others?
  • What am I not doing?
  • What can I improve about myself today?

Asking these questions of yourself first, can give you insight on what you need to work in your business, so that you can show up as your best self for others. When you show up as your best self, you are able to provide better quality content and training for others. Remember when you are connecting with your leader, either on the phone or in person, it's important that you are doing most of the listening. It's not up to you to create a breakthrough for your mentee/leader. It is up to your leader to have their own moment so that they can grow.

Okay, let's take a look at how you can show up to serve your leaders with some great questions! I encourage you to think of additional questions to help them dig deeper, so that you provide an opportunity for self growth & discovery.

  • Are you using the products?
  • Are you doing 30 mins per day of Personal Development?
  • Are you connecting with 2 people per day, 5 days a week?
  • Are you attending team trainings/events at least 1x a month?
  • Are you having at least 1 class per week, or 5 one on ones?
  • Are you committed to attending corporate events? (Convention, Regional summit, etc.)
  • Are you looking for your business to move at a quicker pace?
  • Are you looking for more support?
  • Are you looking to find more time?
  • Are you looking for "support" or a business partner?

Open your leader up to these conversations so that you can gauge where they are at in their business, and support them accordingly. More then than not, these questions will give you the opportunity to ask more specific ones related to their responses, which will give you an area to focus your time on together.

I hope this list has started a fire in you to start creating a questions list to use when you help support your team. Be mindful, be present, and be the best version of yourself for your people.