2017 Year in Review

This last year has been transformational, and a huge blessing of manifestations for my family. I can only hope that your 2017 was equally as eye opening and transformational for you. I did want to share a little bit with you about some of the milestones and happenings in my household, so that you can celebrate along with me and my family! There were lots of sacrifices this year, but lots of celebrations too!


  • We made the decision that we no longer wanted to be victims in our finances are really hunkered down on paying off debt. This was not easy, and we were also going through some PTSD things as well! But... we kicked off the year with a bang nonetheless!


  • I got effing serious about my self care routine. With the mass amount of support and structure I needed to provide, I had to be sure I was taking care of myself too. I am so glad I made a serious habit out of this. It has served our family and whole community 10 fold.


  • We decided to forgo Leadership Retreat and pay off another card. Holy moly this was so hard! I was met with so much judgement fo this choice, but it ended up being exactly what my family needed, and we are stronger today for it!


  • Officially our second year in the Arizona Mountain home. Not our permanent home, but grateful to have had a roof over our head for the last 2 years! Grateful also to my parents for taking us on as tenants! Daen also turned 5 years old, and we had a party for him at the park!


  • Brien and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on the 13th. I also celebrated my "Golden Birthday" by turning 30 on May 30th! ( can I get a whoop whoop!?)


  • The City of Show Low asked me to come back and educate people about essential oils at their annual health fair! This is always so much fun, and I love connecting with local peeps!


  • Daen had his last Tee-ball games of the year. We then got him all signed up for Soccer that started a couple weeks later! Soccer was so much fun and we loved seeing him practice and play!


  • Do you remember the Total Solar Eclipse!? We were down in Phoenix during the eclipse because Brien had an appointment with someone from the VA. We made a little mini vacay out of it by staying the night in a hotel, and it was a nice little getaway!


  • We opted not to physically attend convention this year, so that we could send more money away to pay off debt. I was still able to watch from home, and one of my blog posts about the new products was crazy popular!


  • My mom became a Silver leader in doTERRA! This was such a wonderful month for my entire oil community, but I was most excited to celebrate my mama's success! She is one of my closest friends, and a badass biz partner!


  • I was selected as Navopache Electric Co-Op Inc's "Business of the Month" and featured in the local newspaper! I was totally surprised and grateful for the recognition.


  • We paid off all of our outstanding debt! The only debt we still have is our Subaru, but that is almost paid off too! Whoohoo! (Debt free scream anyone?!) I also published Essential Goddess and celebrated the release of my first book!

And that my friend, is my 2017 year in review! I'm grateful for the obstacles and challenges that got me where I am today! Let me know what you hope to experience in 2018!